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Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated is a not for profit, volunteer run, non government organization. AAR was established in April 2009 after the devastating bush fires in the Gippsland, Kinglake and Marysville areas of Victoria. Spurred into action by the devastating events unfolding, a group of dedicated volunteers spent the next 3 months rescuing wildlife and providing as much food and supplies out to the effected people and animals as possible.

Here at AAR we differ from other rescue groups as we also specialize not only in wildlife animals but also in domestic animal rescues. Australian Animal Rescue Inc operate 7 days a week and provides animal rescue and information services throughout Victoria.

We also provide assistance to other shelters and disaster relief by doing fundraising throughout Melbourne and Queensland.

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Meet Milly who was once happily living his life in a cage being fed and loved daily until his owner no longer wanted him and let him go to fend for himself, poor Milly went to all the neighbour's asking for food as he did not know how to get his in food being raised from a youngster and was apparently rejected by the local cockatoos. A lady rang to ask for help as she felt sorry for him. He is now living happily with another 15 cockatoos at the AAR sanctuary